RCI’s Chemistry Expertise Bolsters Intellectual Property and Litigation Claims

Issue IX | April 2016

Laboratory Services

Richman Chemical (RCI) offers chemistry expertise and science-based litigation support for intellectual property disputes- particularly in the life sciences industry.  Examples of specific synthetic and analytical services include:

•           Replication of patented synthetic processes (proof of concept)

•           Characterization and profiling of impurities, intermediates, and starting materials

•           Confirmation of novel drug candidate status (versus potential generic equivalents)

•           Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to determine potential infringement

•           Reverse engineering (deformulation)

RCI’s custom preparation of patent example compounds to support or refute intellectual property claims carries significant weight in court.  Services frequently requested in response to legal challenges include:   reproduction of synthetic step pathways, verification of equivalent chemical conversions and confirmation of structures and drug polymorphs.  Additionally, the company can generate important data in support of- or against- claims arising from major pieces of healthcare-related legislation (e.g., Hatch-Waxman Act, Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act).


Consulting and Technology Assessment Services

RCI's consulting division specializes in patent review and technical analysis of chemistry-based claims to assist clients in evaluations of patents purporting to cover specific drug substances or products. Representative services often include conducting requisite prior art searches and preparing freedom to

operate (FTO) opinions, if necessary.  Further, RCI identifies patentable subject matter and/or suggests improvements to existing processes to increase client-based intellectual property portfolios. 

Richman Chemical Inc. (RCI) provides custom chemical synthesis, custom manufacturing and raw material sourcing in the life sciences (biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device), specialty chemical and emerging technology industries.  RCI’s Consulting Services include patent research, analysis and process optimization, identification of qualified investment resources, technology licensing guidance and more. Founded in 1988 by Dr. Edward Richman, the company pioneered the independent outsourcing model.  For more information visit www.richmanchemical.com  and follow us on LinkedIn.


Christopher Kulp serves as Executive Vice President, Contract Services Business, at RCI.