Navigating the Valley of Death with Richman Chemical

It's every startup's worst nightmare: the Valley of Death.

Aptly named, it is that dreaded middle ground between initial funding and sustained sales and revenue generation where, unfortunately, many startup companies meet their untimely demise. The financial consequences of a failed startup reach well beyond company owners. For example, the technology transfer office assisting the company loses a profitable licensing opportunity, and ROI plummets to $0 for the investment partner backing the startup. 
To make the journey through the Valley of Death less treacherous, Richman Chemical provides several products and services within its Consulting Services division to the chemistry-dependent startup. 

1. Technology Manufacturing Feasibility Report 
Be confident that your innovative technology will transfer from paper to physical process. When it comes to commercialization, too frequently: 

  •  Reactions may not produce the expected results, or 
  • The materials required for commercial scale-up are not available or are prohibitively expensive 

Our project managers will evaluate your methodology, alert you to potential issues in scalability early in the development process, and provide recommendations and resources to resolve them. 

2. Funding Resource Report 

Take the guesswork out of searching for funding. With a network of partners and investors built over 25 years, Richman Chemical is uniquely positioned to suggest qualified investment resources, including: 

  • Angel and Venture Capital investors 
  • Grant Opportunities (SBIR, NIH, DOE) and 
  • Licensing Technology commercialization organizations 

Our team will consider your company’s culture and objectives and recommend sources of potential capital. 

 3. Letter of Recommendation 

Put your potential investors’ minds at ease with an expert’s evaluation of your innovative technology. Our highly experienced project managers will review your technology and provide a letter of recommendation regarding the feasibility of development and commercialization. This letter can be used for securing Angel and Venture Capital funding as well as for grant proposals (SBIR, NIH, and DOE). With a Richman Chemical letter of recommendation in your hand, you can pitch your technology to investors with confidence. Let Richman Chemical Be Your Guide Richman Chemical provides the support you need from initial research to commercial production, helping your startup navigate through the Valley of Death toward profitability. 

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