Four Factors to Consider First when Choosing Your Outsourcing Partner

Many firms are relying on outsourced custom chemistry to free up more resources for continued research and development (R&D). According to the 2013 Outsourcing Survey by Contract Pharma, 32% of respondents outsourced production in order to focus on reducing commercialization timelines for potentially disruptive technologies.

If your company is looking for a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) to partner with, here are four factors to consider first:

1)  Equipment Capabilities

Consider the equipment resources of any prospective CMO. Does it have the range needed for your process? Can it handle all the scales you will need from R&D to commercial quantities? A CMO with the right equipment on site can more quickly handle your process, minimizing any potential capital expenditures, retrofitting costs, and extended lead times. 

2) Reputation

A reputable CMO should have a proven track-record in maintaining confidentiality, compliance, and client satisfaction. Ask it about its policies for intellectual property (IP) protection and request a list of clients willing to provide references.

3) Compliance Requirements

It is important to pick a CMO fully compliant with the regulatory standards of your market, whether cGMP, ISO, or food grade. However, the right CMO may still be able to reduce your costs by running initial phase work within a R&D environment and eventually scaling-up at the appropriate regulatory level. That way you can save money, deal with one organization, and still be compliant when needed. You benefit from the advantage of working with one CMO which is able to take advantage of the learning curve for your unique chemistry. 

4) Geographic Flexibility

Unforeseen events, whether they be natural causes or accidents, can adversely affect your entire supply chain. One safeguard is to work with a CMO with more than one location. Be sure your CMO has the operational and geographical flexibility to manufacture your project as needed, limiting potential supply interruptions. 

Richman Chemical – Your Ideal Outsourcing Partner for Custom Chemistry

With over 25 years of experience in custom synthesis, development, and manufacturing, Richman Chemical:
-    Can meet multiple federal and safety regulations, including cGMP, ISO, food grade, and Kosher standards
-    Has manufacturing locations around the United States, minimizing disruptions in your supply chain
-    Has never had an issue with IP protection or safety
-    Has the equipment and machinery to handle your unique process
-    Offers value-added services such as method development, process optimization and scale-up services, competitive raw material pricing, and consulting services (including IP protection)

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