Case Studies

A Consultant with a Recycling Idea

For most of us who own a car, an oil change is a regular maintenance event every five thousand miles or so.  The question of what happens to the used motor oil is less likely to enter our thoughts. According to the EPA, over 380 million gallons of motor oil is recycled each year, or about 50 percent of all motor oil purchased.  Unfortunately much of the other 50% ends up in landfills and waterways.  The desirability of recycling more used motor oil is obvious.  Recently the chemical project managers at Richman Chemical became contributors to this effort.

It all started when a consultant for an oil recycler contacted us. He had an experimental formulation for an improved used motor oil recycling process. The formulation used several specialty surfactants in a unique combination. We worked with the consultant to understand his specific requirements and using our chemical product sourcing experience we were able to suggest alternative surfactants that were more readily available at lower cost.  Initial quantities were obtained for a prompt and successful trial.  Our job didn’t just end there.

The consultant was impressed with our chemical project management skills and put us in touch directly with his customer. We arranged timely shipments so the recycler could rapidly commercialize the new method.  

We were even able to keep the Gulf States manufacturer going during the major disruptions in this hurricane season.  It proved to be another win-win-win for Richman Chemical, the consultant and the recycler.  We are pleased to have a new customer and to have made a small contribution to the reduction of imported oil and keeping our environment green.

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