HPAPI Manufacturing Capability 


Richman Chemical has tapped its capable network of partners to now offer high potency chemical manufacturing in a cGMP environment to its customers. A high potency active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) is a drug that carries a higher strength with a smaller amount of actual active pharmaceutical ingredient. Maintaining safety and efficacy while responding to the time sensitive nature inherent to life science firms needing to manufacture these HPAPIs has placed Richman Chemical in a pivotal position to respond to this growing requirement. 

The HPAPI market segment is expected to grow at a higher rate compared with regular APIs. Most commonly, HPAPIs are produced for use in chemotherapeutic drug formulations. As cancer diagnoses continue to occur at ever-earlier time points, so too has the need to shorten the time-to-market for such therapeutics. There is also increased manufacturing potential for HPAPIs based on research demonstrating the ability of such formulations to treat chronic disease. Since specific manufacturing and containment measures are necessary to produce these high potency APIs, only qualified facilities with knowledge intricate to handling these new chemical entities can manufacture them. Richman Chemical's experienced affiliate sites meet all the requisite containment and cGMP requirements for manufacturing such compliant active material. 

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