Consulting Services

Richman Chemical works closely with clients- and, in particular, startup and emerging technology companies- in establishing important and necessary relationships with professional service providers, regulatory experts, technology licensing specialists, and investors.

As young companies continue along the commercialization timeline, they need to raise capital, establish and/or expand technical facilities, obtain skilled staff, protect intellectual property, and seek regulatory guidance. This list includes only a sampling of important business decisions- thus, finding a talented and reputable pool of credible resources is essential to successful growth.

Technology Assessment Reports and Funding Opportunity Reports

Our Technology Assessment Reports advise if a new technology is commercially feasible on an "as-is" production process, while offering cost-effective production improvement strategies and recommendations for accelerated commercialization.

Our Funding Opportunity Reports  provide a list of vetted sources of funding that match your business's technology area, goals, and stage of development. These reports are especially helpful for start-up companies seeking funding for proof-of-concept development.

Our range of consulting and referral services include:

  • Outsourcing and business advisory services
  • Introduction to sources of capital (venture financing, angel financing, grant opportunities)
  • Professional services advice (financial, legal, accounting, staffing, etc.)
  • FDA/EPA regulatory guidance
  • Validations and Inspections (Facility & Process)
  • Intellectual property evaluation and protection counseling
  • Product Development/Scale-up
  • Clinical trials guidance