Maximizing Venture Capital Investments through Custom Chemistry

In order for privately funded, emerging technology startups to succeed, novel technologies must be developed and advanced in an accelerated manner. Venture Capitalists (VCs) can increase their ability to achieve a better and faster return on this type of investment when they recommend the services of an experienced outsourcing provider such as Richman Chemical. With over 
25 years of experience working with early stage companies to develop and commercialize new technologies and products, Richman Chemical serves as an excellent resource for VC-financed firms in need of critical, chemistry-based outsourcing services. By becoming an important partner to both early stage businesses and the VCs that fund them, Richman Chemical assists in accelerating chemistry-based product development, the sourcing of key raw materials, coordinating pilot and full-scale production activities, and reducing the overall commercialization timeline. This decrease in expended time almost always translates into tremendous cost-savings for startup clients: in an era of budget optimization, Richman Chemical's inherent value with regards to efficient outsourcing services cannot be over-emphasized.   

Without a well-established and highly respected partner to provide superior custom chemistry services, a startup life science firm, for example, places its intellectual property advantage in severe jeopardy. Further, the VC firm’s large capital investment, and thus the startup’s overall solvency, is likewise compromised. 
Our case studies emphasize the importance to arly stage firms of successfully selecting the proper outsourcing partner. Whether it boils down to in-depth chemistry knowledge and engineering experience, or a systematic approach to efficient and logical project management, these three case studies demonstrate the best practices approach employed. 

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