Early Stage and Venture Capital Resources

Life Science Ventures


We recognize the challenges of starting up a company in the fast-moving life sciences sector. And, we understand that many early-stage life science firms face significant hurdles related to raising capital, retaining skilled staff, and obtaining regulatory approval. For any new company, finding the right resources is crucial for getting off to a strong and healthy start. At Richman Chemical, we offer the resources, culture, and capabilities necessary to help early-stage companies reduce commercialization timelines and lower overall project costs. To that point, we have established numerous partnerships with early-stage biotech and life sciences companies looking to accelerate their development and commercialization strategies. Building long-term relationships is important to us for every client we serve and each project we handle.

Here are examples of how we helped start-ups, early-stage biotech, pharma, and medical device companies outsource effectively.

For more details on how we can be a valuable resource for your current and future project needs please contact us directly. We have over 25 years of experience in improving the efficiency of drug discovery, development, testing, and commercialization effort

Specialty Chemical Ventures

The benefits of working with experienced service providers and contract manufacturers go far beyond cost savings. An experienced partner can provide an early-stage firm with development and manufacturing expertise, regulatory approval support, commercialization capacity, and other valuable resources. However, it is imperative to identify a partner with a track record of success, the ability to support a young company, and the capability to handle project requirements from the laboratory to the commercial manufacturing environment.

At Richman Chemical, we focus on building the type of relationship that enables us to assist our early-stage clients with all of their technical project needs. In order to do that, we focus our efforts on providing superior custom chemistry solutions. Our understanding of both large and small company cultures allows us to forge effective client-vendor partnerships in order to manage projects, lower costs, and accelerate commercialization for our clients’ products. Our experience in custom manufacturing, chemical sourcing, and project management allows our clients to concentrate their energy on internal core competencies.

Here are examples of how we assisted early-stage specialty chemical clients with their project needs.


When it comes to outsourcing nanotechnology-based science, Richman Chemical is at the forefront of capable vendors. We are intimately familiar with the principles, characteristics, and pitfalls inherent in nanoscale chemistry. Whether it involves maintaining the integrity of nano-sized inorganic particles, or utilizing nanotechnology to increase a prospective drug’s solubility profile, we are ready to help!

Our nanotechnology-based solutions include (but are not limited to) nanoparticle synthesis and purification, unit operation handling, inorganic chemistry specialization, energetic chemistry expertise, and solubility enhancement.

Over the past several years, our client portfolio has grown to include a broad scope of nanotechnology-based companies seeking to develop and commercialize innovative products across various markets. 

Venture Capital Funds

Venture Capital Funds (VC's) improve their ROI when they use the services of Richman Chemical.

With 25 years of experience helping early stage companies bring products to market, Richman Chemical is an effective resource for VC-supported startups. Richman Chemical acts as a critical member of a startup's project team and accelerates product to market by providing vital chemical R&D, raw material sourcing, scale-up trials and full-scale production. Our expertise helps meet timelines within budget. We understand the critical importance of meeting project goals for a start-ups first product. VC funded startups have unique challenges and Richman Chemical brings an unmatched level of experience to assist them.

Please read our whitepaper on maximizing VC investments through custom chemistry