About Us

Our Mission

As a preferred outsourcing partner to life science, specialty chemical and emerging technology companies, Richman Chemical provides custom manufacturing, product sourcing, and project management solutions that save time and are cost-effective.

Smarter Solutions

Working primarily with North American partners, Richman Chemical places and manages custom manufacturing projects and also custom sources raw materials. By streamlining the project management process, we deliver lower costs and accelerate time-to-market for our clients' products. When appropriate, we also source from qualified partners in Asia and Europe. We identify whatever solution works best for our client and we pursue, manage and ultimately deliver it.

Customer Commitment

We identify the optimal manufacturing partner for our customers on a project-by-project basis. The strong relationships we have developed with our capable partners enable us to bring successful solutions to our clients. Our knowledge of custom manufacturing and chemical sourcing is unmatched in the industry. We are not fee based. Consequently, we work very hard to achieve win – win solutions. We succeed only when you succeed. 

Company History

In 1988, Ed Richman started Richman Chemical to help emerging and established pharmaceutical and chemical companies use resources more efficiently. Ed' career started working in Synthetic Fiber R&D with Celanese and then Rohm & Haas. He worked at National Starch & Chemical for 10 years, eventually serving as Director, Chemical Business. He observed first-hand the intricacies of outsourcing within the chemical industry and parlayed that experience into a successful start up.  Richman Chemical's custom manufacturing, product sourcing, and project management solutions make it possible for companies to spend more time and resources in their area of expertise and core technology development.