Unique Custom Capabilities Meet Increased Demand for Inorganics


The accelerating growth of the electronics industry and the incorporation of computer chips into a wider variety of consumer products are expanding the need for custom inorganic synthesis. Similar growth in the nanotechnology and composite material sectors is fueling increased demand for metal-based chemistries. Richman Chemical is well-positioned to satisfy the unique requirements of both inorganic and organometallic product development, scale-up, and commercial manufacturing, having excelled in this area for more than two decades. 

An overview of several representative projects illustrates Richman Chemical's specialized services in this area:

A semiconductor startup company manufactures metalloid-based dopant materials that modify the optical properties and performance of semiconductor components within mass-produced consumer electronic products. Like many other inorganic-based processes, the preparation of the dopants is highly energetic in nature and requires specialized handling and processing equipment. The reactors that process the dopant must be able to withstand both extreme temperatures and pressures. Further, specialized testing is required to ensure that the end product meets precise quality standards including low heavy metal limits. This is critical for meeting regulatory compliance requirements- which often vary from country to country- and is paramount to successfully delivering an acceptable, final product. Richman Chemical successfully addressed each of these requirements, allowing the client to condense its commercialization timeline and introduce its first commercial product into the marketplace! 

A specialty chemical client markets a mineral-based product with widespread consumer and industrial applications. The company came to Richman Chemical with two unique production needs. First, the company's technology required utilization of recycled solvents to keep costs low; however, the quality of the end product could not be compromised in any way. The client was unable to implement this on its own or locate a producer with the requisite equipment and expertise. Richman Chemical explored several alternatives until it was able to identify an optimal process configuration that both maintained quality and minimized costs. In the second processing step, the company needed to take the refined material and perform critical particle size modification. While the particle size specification was quite tight, the associated cost constraints made the project even more challenging. However, Richman Chemical expertise with high quality, cost-effective particle size modification and manipulation--combined with extensive inorganics handling experience--provided the perfect solution for the client.

Nanotechnology-focused clients frequently require inorganic, poly-inorganic, and organometallic synthesis expertise. Whether the technology requires unique processing equipment capable of handling pyrophoric, corrosive, or highly flammable materials, reactors rated for extreme temperatures and pressures,or the use of Schlenk lines or glove boxes for material transfer and handling, Richman Chemical is well-equipped to handle such challenges. In fact, Richman Chemical's ability to perform this type of work at ALL scales (mg) further differentiates Richman Chemical as an invaluable partner for all custom chemical requirements.