Case Studies

Independent Researcher Joins Forces with Richman Chemical

If you are a one-man team, tackling any project presents major resource issues. Thus, just imagine attempting to develop a new drug candidate from initial discovery through to production all by yourself!

Such a client approached Richman Chemical. As an independent researcher, this doctor had been conducting years of research on a particular compound exhibiting effectiveness in fighting several autoimmune disorders. Given the size of his operation, he was able to only produce a milligram here and there of material (and with considerable effort!) for his studies. As preliminary results looked promising, he realized he now needed the resources of a much larger company, at a cost capital with his limited funding. By joining forces with Richman Chemical , he gained a team of expert project managers who connected him with a network of extremely cost-effective custom synthesis and contract analytical labs - multiplying his resources a thousand fold!

Richman Chemical located a small-scale facility to handle the process development and then managed the transition to a larger facility when the doctor was ready. Richman Chemical also assisted in locating a bioanalytical lab to perform high grade testing on the materials in preparation for both animal and human trials.

In the end, the client went from the resources of one man to that of many expert managers and technical personnel-and at a price that fit his independent budget! Should the drug candidate take off, Richman Chemical will be there to provide large-scale custom production and packaging.

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