Life Sciences

Within the life sciences market, Richman Chemical serves pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, personal care, nutritional and diagnostic testing companies. For nearly 25 years, we have delivered full scale commercial cGMP manufacturing and DMF filing for both FDA and foreign regulatory agencies and recently, device-drug product innovation. Richman Chemical's project management solutions effectively complement the in-house efforts of our life sciences clients. Working with Richman Chemical is equivalent to having a large outsourcing department - without the cost. 

Our extensive experience with complex, multi-step organic syntheses, polymerizations, and pharmaceutical formulations enables us to improve technical development, reduce time to market and lower overall project costs. In addition our outsourcing services are cost-effective in preparing novel metabolites and reference standards.

Richman Chemical has been particularly effective in assisting life sciences clients with their exciting breakthroughs in the relatively new device-drug field. We identify optimal chemical synthesis methods for excipients and drugs used in new medical devices. We use our established relationships with cGMP manufacturers to quickly satisfy our life sciences client's manufacturing requirements. We help navigate the regulatory pathway for the drug portions of devices and accelerate the delivery of new device-drug products to the life sciences marketplace.