Richman Chemical: Your Partner for Medical Device and Life Science Chemistry

Medical Device.jpeg

Webster’s defines the word “device” as “a contrivance; a gadget”. In the medical field, however, much can be said, about these so called “devices” that may often prolong human life or are instrumental in providing palliative care to those who suffer a terminal illness. Several years ago, Richman Chemical, Inc. had the opportunity to work with a medical device company to help locate a pharmaceutical excipient for use within a medical device. Since that time, more than one opportunity such as this one has been presented to Richman. Historically, chemistry has not been a large component of medical device production. However, change is reflected in medical device technology as development now often includes a device that offers a method of drug delivery. 

Richman Chemical has the experience and technology to assist medical device companies who are thinking of incorporating chemicals into their product. As the corporate culture of chemical companies is different than that of medical device companies, Richman Chemical also acts as a liaison between both, ensuring effective communications. In addition, Richman facilitates the regulatory process related to medical device development. 

Overall, the outsourcing needs of the medical device and chemical industries mesh nicely with Richman Chemical’s project management-focused business model. Beyond providing custom synthesis and processing services via its extensive manufacturing network, Richman Chemical project management services also encompass: process development and optimization, pilot scale-up, full raw material sourcing, logistics coordination services, intellectual property advice and dispute resolution.