RCI Newsletter - Issue XIII | March 2019

Overseas Factory Shutdown? RCI Can Help


China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) recently implemented a crackdown on tens of thousands of non-compliant industrial factories under the country’s revamped environmental policies. Factory shutdowns- on a region by region basis- have occurred over the past 21 months and will continue for the foreseeable future.

With production halted in many of China's factories while upgrades to pollution and waste treatment controls proceeded, major disruptions in the custom manufacturing and sourcing supply chain emerged. Both pricing and lead time uncertainty increased for raw materials, intermediates, and final products . Recent explosions at foreign chemical plants have further aggravated supply chain disruptions . Richman Chemical Inc. (RCI)- with its North American-focused custom synthesis and manufacturing capacity- can alleviate supply chain obstacles for its customers!

Utilizing on-shoring options for custom synthesis and manufacturing outsourcing requirements offers immediate benefits! For many chemical and pharmaceutical processing efforts, the pricing gap between Chinese production and domestic manufacturing has diminished. Further, domestic outsourcing minimizes risk associated with third-party placement of important and sensitive technology, as this option certainly affords more direct control.

Richman Chemical is actively addressing these supply issues! Approximately 90% of RCI's custom synthesis and manufacturing activities- including chemical sourcing efforts- are done domestically. Dedicated project managers ensure that chemical and pharmaceutical client deliverables- includes proof of concept verification, product development, pilot scale-up, and full-blown commercialization- exceed expectations.

"Old is New" for Latest RCI Project Manager

Rich Jasinski, new Project Manager at RCI

Rich Jasinski, new Project Manager at RCI

Richman Chemical Inc. (RCI), specializing in custom chemical synthesis, toll manufacturing, and raw material sourcing, announces the hiring of Rich Jasinski as its newest Project Manager for custom projects. Rich’s responsibilities include establishing long-lasting relationships with both life science and chemical clients, as well as with various key suppliers to the company.

Rich comes to RCI with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Ursinus College (Class of 2015). From 2013 through 2015, he interned at RCI in a project management support capacity, focusing on data compilation and market research, marketing assistance, and business development support.

Rich started with West Pharmaceutical Services (Exton, PA) in 2015, testing and developing the company’s proprietary polymers within the formulation group. In 2017, he transferred into a new role with responsibilities for post-processing activities such as vision quality inspection, fill-finish support, and elastomer washing enhancement processes.

“We are excited to bring Rich on-board as a full-time project manager. His experience working in compliant environments represents a boon for the life science side of our business, and he already possesses an excellent appreciation for the technical expertise and problem-solving acumen that makes our project management team special,” noted Christopher Kulp, RCI’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Already familiar with RCI’s customer-centric business model, Rich brings a new perspective toward supporting the custom manufacturing side of the business.

“It feels good to be home with the team at Richman Chemical. The culture at Richman is very supportive and there is a clear focus on the customer,” added Jasinski. “I am excited to leverage my technical background and customer service skills to provide optimal solutions for our clients.”

Richman Chemical Promotes Christopher Kulp to Chief Commercial Officer

Richman Chemical Inc., specializing in custom chemical synthesis, toll manufacturing, and raw material sourcing, announces the third quarter 2018 promotion of Christopher Kulp to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Chris Kulp, promoted to Chief Commercial Officer at RCI

Chris Kulp, promoted to Chief Commercial Officer at RCI

Kulp, celebrating over 20 years with Richman Chemical, has successfully led the company to sustained growth in its custom synthesis and manufacturing business and will continue to direct strategic efforts aimed at commercializing new technologies for start-up clients, established customers, and public-private partnerships. Further, expansion of the project management team- in both numbers and expertise- constitutes an important priority as well.

"Chris has been an invaluable contributor to our growth and success for many years. We are so fortunate to have a person with his exceptional dynamism and inciteful strategic vision. Chris is taking the leadership role in taking RCI to the next level,” said Ed Richman, President.

Kulp joined Richman Chemical in 1998 and most recently served as Executive Vice President. In addition to 20+ years of experience in development and manufacturing, Kulp holds four U.S. patents and two European patents. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Delaware, a Master of Science in Polymer Chemistry from Stevens Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Finance from the Fox School of Business at Temple University.

“While I’ve been part of the on-going and exceptional growth at RCI, our collective ability to problem-solve and drill-down to what clients really need represents our key advantage in the outsourcing arena,” noted Kulp. “I look forward to spearheading our commercial efforts across all chemistry-focused markets- including biotech, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnologies, and specialty chemicals.

To benefit from Richman Chemical’s 30+ years of expertise, contact Christopher Kulp, Executive Vice President, at (215) 628-2946 ext 13 or via email at clk@richmanchemical.com. For more information regarding our custom service offerings, CLICK HERE.

Richman Chemical Inc.(RCI) was founded in 1987 and pioneered the independent outsourcing model.  It is the only company in the market that provides its services throughout many markets including biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices, specialty chemicals, nanotechnology, food and beverage, and flavor and fragrance.

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