Pilot-scale Processing

A key component to successful commercialization involves the transfer of lab-scale technologies to the next logical stage:  pilot scale-up.  At this step, scalable equipment and processing conditions can be identified in order to optimally predict manufacturing results once commercial material is needed. Parameters studied during pilot scale-up include:

  • Proper materials of construction for requisite equipment

  • Temperature and pressure profiles

  • Appropriate solvent selections considering both cost and regulatory concerns

  • Residence times for critical reaction steps

  • Necessary transfer techniques for the addition of reagents

  • Determination of product throughputs and reaction yields

Unlike many custom processing facilities that focus only on lab-scale chemistry and process development or full-scale manufacture, Richman Chemical offers the capability to take a new process from the initial laboratory stage through pilot-scale optimization, followed by commercial, full-scale production.  Our pilot facilities possess pilot reactors of various materials of construction (glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc.) as well as high-pressure and temperature capabilities, if required.  Further, our pilot services focus not only on reactor availability, but also include ancillary and complementary unit operation equipment such as distillation columns, solids handling and isolation, and various agitation and propeller options.  

Please contact us should your project require development, pilot, or commercial production- whether it requires effort on all three stages together, or a singular focus on any of these critically important phases.

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