Richman Chemical Inc. Expands its Custom Service Offerings to Include Key Biotechnology Service Capabilities

Philadelphia, PA, February 1, 2011 - Richman Chemical Inc., a custom synthesis, chemical manufacturing, and raw materials sourcing provider to the life science and chemical industries, has expanded its custom service offerings to include key biotechnology-focused capabilities.

Over the past few years, Richman Chemical has recognized an increasing biopharmaceutical development need from its life science clients. To better serve its customers, Richman Chemical has expanded its service portfolio to include complementary biotechnology services ranging from cell line development to media optimization and process characterization. Richman Chemical can provide a GMP-compliant facility to assist clients with bioprocess optimization, cell banking, in-house microbiology, and virus clearance safety testing requirements.

Furthermore, as biotechnology processing frequently offer greener attributes than their chemical counterparts, its utility in drug development continues to expand. Biotechnology operations such as fermentation, cell culturing, and genetic engineering may indeed translate to more environmentally-friendly and cost effective solutions. Additionally, biotechnology’s frequent ability to capitalize and utilize renewable resources certainly represents another attractive service asset. Richman Chemical is now well-positioned to leverage these advantages on behalf of our client base.

As an independent outsourcing company, Richman Chemical also provides custom chemical synthesis and manufacturing services required for small-scale trials and full-scale production of drug substances. Richman Chemical's main strength is in its ability to provide early-stage and established life science companies with flexible and cost effective solutions. The expansion of its service portfolio to include biotechnology will allow Richman Chemical's customers to meet their development goals through the utilization of a single contract partner.

About Richman Chemical

Founded in 1988 by Edward Richman, Ph.D., Richman Chemical specializes in custom and contract manufacturing projects and the sourcing of hard-to-find chemicals. With an emphasis on customer service and technical support, Richman Chemical  has successfully assisted life science and chemical specialty companies with their custom synthesis and contract manufacturing requirements. Richman Chemical uses its unique business model to help companies optimize production and improve process efficiency. Richman Chemical has earned a reputation as being an excellent partner and value resource for life science, biotech, venture capital, start-up, and specialty chemical companies.

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