Case Studies

Richman Chemical’s Nutritional Front: Helping Pave the Way toward Good Health!

There has been much recent interest generated by two products in the nutritional marketplace.

First, CDP-Choline is a unique form of choline that readily passes through the blood brain barrier directly into brain tissue. CDP-Choline has been found to be of value in studies on animals and humans. It is most beneficial in the incidence of stroke, head trauma and other neurological disorders. Recently, a customer contacted us with a need for 10 kg of this material, with an aggressive delivery expectation. Richman Chemical was able to exceed expectations from a quality and delivery standpoint, as well as adhere to the unique packaging and delivery requests of the customer. 

Demand for Calcium Leucovorin, also called Calcium Folinate, has risen dramatically in the last year. This compound has been used in the treatment of megaloblastic anemias, and the results are comparable to those obtained with folic acid. Calcium Leucovorin has also been found to effectively enhance chemotherapy in the palliative therapy of advanced colorectal and ovarian cancers. Richman Chemical offers material in 100g, 500 g and 1 kg quantities, sizes that are optimal for trial stage customers who require smaller amounts of material.

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