Specialty Unit Operations

Unit operations following the synthesis of a custom chemical compound are frequently vital to the achievement of optimal purity and application performance. In fact, it is not unusual for Richman Chemical's selected plant site to utilize more than one additional post-synthesis step to achieve our client's outsourcing solution.

Examples of services applicable to liquid chemicals include: distillation (vacuum, molecular), extraction, crystallization, and centrifugation. For solid chemical products, processing operations such as agglomeration, milling, flaking, and drying (fluid bed, spray, double drum) may be necessary components of the overall custom manufacturing process. Richman Chemical provides diversified access to these unit operations, other hard-to-find niche conversion capabilities, and the expertise to ultimately select the best complement of synthetic techniques and unit operations for your custom material.

Further, our expertise can be utilized to evaluate the general "non-obviousness" of any type of chemistry-dependent technology.

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