Case Studies

The Right Contact for Scale-up Production

A large multi national company that was in a race to bring a chemical product to the market came to us with an immediate need for scale-up. The company had a process developed internally, but did not have capacity for commercialization. After an extensive search, the company couldn’t find a chemical toll manufacturer that had the required specialized equipment for the process. Exhausted by their internal efforts, the company contacted Richman Chemical.

By the time Richman Chemical became involved, the customer had little time left before its deadline.

However, with 25 years' experience in chemical toll manufacturing, we were able to locate a chemical manufacturer that could handle their specific requirements in a short period of time. Not only that, process improvements were quickly identified after several test runs, and adjustments were made to the process and equipment for full scale production—within weeks we went from site inspection, a small scale trial, to full scale manufacturing. Throughout the entire project development we kept the customer informed every step of the way until an on spec and on scale product was delivered.  

How did we do it? With years of experience, skilled staff, and the strong relationships we have developed with our very capable chemical manufacturing partners.

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