Trimethylene Carbonate

  • 1-3-dioxan-2-one

  • p-Dioxanone

  • CAS# 2450-03-4

 Packaging / Scale:  

g to kg quantities

             Bulk quantity lots (>10kg)              available upon request

Purity / Grades: 

>99% purity

trimethylene carbonate.jpg

With nearly three decades of experience in chemical synthesis, Richman Chemical Inc. is a leading global supplier of domestically produced trimethylene carbonate monomer for use in the manufacture of bioresorbable medical devices and drug delivery solutions.  

Richman Chemical developed a commercial scale manufacturing process and a comprehensive analytical program to ensure the highest quality trimethylene carbonate of from batch to batch and lot to lot.  Our material is suitable for use in a multitude of markets, including medical devices, semi-conductors and polymer backbones.